Join us next National Simplicity Day!   JULY 12, 2023

National Simplicity Day 2022 Bingo Board

Join us in 2023

as we celebrate National Simplicity Day for the second year in a row!

In the meantime, learn how to make your life simply smarter by incorporating easy ideas into your everyday routine.

Each task in 2022’s Simplicity Bingo aligned with one of the four core areas of simplicity that we’ve identified as important to us and our clients:

And when we say the tasks are easy…we really mean it! You might already be doing some on a regular basis.

There are 3 tasks outlined for each of the 4 core pillars on the bingo board–and a few “Free Spaces” because we all deserve days of rest. Throughout the month, choose one day to complete one task at a pace and rhythm that works best for you and your schedule.

We’re working on exciting new things for National Simplicity Day 2023!
Check back for more details on events, contests and new ideas to inspire simplicity!

The lucky winner of Simplicity Bingo will receive:

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Instapaper Premium

Instapaper syncs the articles and videos you save so that they’re waiting for you on all your devices – iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle.

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You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need a Budget is a personal budgeting software based on the envelope method.

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It’s an easy-to-use and yet powerful app that puts everything related to your schedule in one place.


My FitnessPal

Track meals, learn about your habits, and reach your health goals with MyFitnessPal.



Take a pledge to simplify your life from June 1 – June 30 and be entered to win our Grand Prize! 

Print a copy of the bingo board to play along and keep yourself accountable!

National Simplicity Day 2022 Bingo Board

Simplicity Tips & Ideas

Why should you organize your desk? Clutter is distracting. Having a clutter free workspace means time searching and more time focusing on work – which equals productivity!  less time spent searching and more time being productive. Here are some tips we’ve found helpful when decluttering:
  1. Reduce your Office Items – aka Purge! Clear everything off your desk that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Photos, calendars, books, supplies, and food should all be considered. Then, clear out the drawers, cabinets, filing systems and make keep, trash recycle and scan piles. Yep – it will take some time, but the end result will be worth it.
  2. Clean your space…and keep it clean. Now that your space is clear of clutter, is there a little dust you hadn’t noticed?  Give your desktop a fresh start…extra points if you use alcohol wipes!
  3. Designate Space Decide what you will store digitally and what will go in drawers and what stays on the desk. Did you know a notes program can probably remove 95-100% of the notes cluttering your workspace? And, an external hard drive can be used to store all those docs from your scan pile? All digital is great, but it doesn’t work for everything, so use drawers to keep projects, tools, and supplies accessible but out of sight. Project papers can be stored in labeled folders for easy access. And only the current project that I’m working on gets to be on my actual desk surface. Don’t forget that filing cabinet. Just be sure to organize your files in a way you will understand – maybe A-z, or by priority? 
  4. Label Everything Get a cool label maker and fun labels that match your office decor. Labeling means you stay organized and can easily see where things are stored.
  5. Clean Your Computer Like Your Desk A cluttered unorganized computer desktop can be just as distracting as a cluttered deck. Find a non-distracting background image, remove unnecessary icons or move to a folder. Create folders like you did in your filing cabinet – labeled in a way that makes sense to you. 
  6. Get a “Organize Later” Tray Set a tray somewhere in your office to put new or stray documents – something someone hands you or leaves on your desk – anything that needs to be filed or organized later. 
  7. Practice Makes Perfect Keep your desk clutter free each day – even documents you don’t know yet what to do with – file them in your Later Tray – but do it all day, every day! And, straighten up before you go. Clear away your coffee cups and snack wrappers, dust, and organize your desk. Having a clear space each morning is sure to get you off to a great start
Why use auto-pay? Your payment history is the single biggest component of your credit score, and FICO reports that negative marks on your credit history can fade over time when you are consistent with payments. With automatic bill pay, you can keep on time and avoid delinquency. It’s secure and it can improve your credit score.
Why plan a new morning routine? A great morning routine can help improve stress, anxiety, and productivity. It’s important to try and wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day to ensure quality sleep. Psychologists recommend avoiding your phone and not hitting snooze right when you wake up. The effect of a morning routine on your well being:
  • Better sleep quality. 
  • Better health.
  • More confidence. 
  • Better stress levels.
Things to consider in your new morning routine:
  1. Set your alarm and get up when it goes off – no snoozing!
  2. Give yourself enough time to get to work without rushing
  3. Drink a full glass of water
  4. Give yourself enough time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast
  6. Fit in a quick workout
  7. Say positive affirmations
  8. Meditate or stretch
  9. Listen to motivational music or read an industry blog
  10. Perform an act of kindness
Why sign up for eStatements?
  1. Get your statements faster! 
  2. Reduce the risk of identity theft.
  3. Double-check your payment and deposit history with ease.
  4. Stay organized and say goodbye to paper filing/shredding.
  5. Shrink your carbon footprint by saving paper and reducing waste.
  6. They’re absolutely FREE!
Why unsubscribe? Receiving fewer emails and only emails you are interested in will lessen the load on your inbox and help you more easily sort through the emails that are most important to you. Plus fewer emails mean fewer people who have your data!

Mindfulness practices can help you increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help focus your attention, as well as to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Riding a bike, lifting weights, sweating it out on a treadmill—each can be a mindfulness practice. Whatever the physical activity, instead of simply working out to master a skill or improve your condition, you can move and breathe in a way that shifts you from feeling busy and distracted to feeling strong and capable.

By donating your clothes, you create a supply of quality clothing for people who could otherwise not afford them. Whether you’re donating directly or giving your items to a secondhand shop, those clothes are going to people who don’t have many alternatives.

By donating your clothing, you also stop the landfills from getting bigger and you keep usable material from being thrown in the trash. Many mass-produced clothing lines have fibers inside of them that will never break down, no matter how much time passes.

And, donating your clothes can help unclutter your closet and give you a sense of calm!

Articles, interesting websites, things you see that you want to buy—these are all things you don’t want to distract you during your work day, but you want to save to check out later. Unfortunately, if you leave their tabs open, they’re still probably distracting you.

Instead of feeling nervous that you missed something because you let a tab close, feel confident that you will be able to rediscover it using your browser history. Heck, omnibar-based browser setups, like Chrome and Opera, also remember the tabs you opened, so you can save some time.

If you keep more than a few tabs open at the same time, it eats up your computer’s memory and makes everything, especially the browser itself, run slower. Sometimes it will crash the browser.

Besides making things harder to find, did you know a messy disorganized junk drawer can be a fire hazard? If you have batteries in that drawer (and let’s face it we all probably do) they can combust and start a fire if they come into contact with each other, a piece of metal, or if the battery should fail.

Take a look at this video for tips on how to clean out and organize your junk drawer.

We all depend on technology to get things done, connect with loved ones far away and more. But there are benefits to unplugging – even if just for an hour a day:

  • Good for Your Mental Health
    Studies have found a correlation between anxiety and stress and a greater usage of devices, like smartphones and TVs.
  • Better SleepMost screens emit blue light, which our brains connect with daylight. This upsets our circadian rhythms, suppressing melatonin and other sleepy-time hormones.
  • Reconnecting With LifeThere’s evidence that disconnecting from technology can help your non-digital life become richer and fuller. Just the presence of a cell phone can negatively impact the quality, depth, empathetic connection of a conversation.

Packing your own lunch the night before can help ensure you eat a healthy meal the next day and stay on track with a diet. It also saves you money and time. Not going out for lunch allows you to spend about half the amount and also saves time driving – so maybe you can leave a little earlier, get a quick workout in or at least get more done.



Why National Simplicity Day?

At Clarity Benefit Solutions, we believe life is a journey; one that should be lived well.  Our goal is to bring clarity into the challenging world of benefits and utilize technology to simplify benefit administration, reduce costs and empower our customers.  

With a full suite of consumer benefits, we offer reliable solutions that ease pain points, provide clear direction, and lack unnecessary complexity. After all, simplicity is the key to living well. Simplicity is at the heart of our company and in the details of everything we do from championing National Simplicity Day to our Simply Smarter Approach to employee benefits. This mindset has led to thoughtful new ways for all of us to get the most out of our benefits and to ensure that people are ready for whatever comes their way.